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Big Bear Snowshoeing Trip January 24, 2005

Posted by MM in Travel.

Snowshoeing? Yes, it is snowshoeing… the newest sport we have tried. (Jan 22nd 2005 Sat.) We didn’t try snowshoeing in Lake Tahoe and decided that we need to try to drive JP’s new used car for a longer trip – unfortunately we don’t have a lot of budget for a weekend getaway. Therefore, we just had a one day trip!!

It was fun!! It was the first time we two actually hike on snow trail. The only drawback is that Southern Calf. is too warm for snow, even at the 7,000ft level. The snow at the bottom of the mountain was kind of dirty and mixed with mud. The upper part was really snowy white and pretty.

However, after 2 and a half hours hiking (extremely exhausting for lack of oxygen), we still couldn’t reach a peak to have some good view. We did manage to climb up to a small hill to get a peek of the downhills. But I have to admit that I was kind of frightened when coming down from the steep slope. Of course he laughed at me – what so ever – it was my idea to climb up the hill. If we had seen more good views, the trip would have been more rewarding.

PP drew a conclusion from the trip – he likes hiking and snowboarding better than snow shoeing – for he likes to walk faster and slide down faster. He is a speeder! Well, I like to try anything new. So it is quite an experience. I would like to go some places with fascinating views and snowshoeing!

Just for the record, we went to the discovery center first and then went to 38 east.



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