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The Wish List May 26, 2005

Posted by MM in Mind Boggling Thoughts.

I still remember it was in college when I made my first wish list. Xinxin and didi made it first probebly in high school. And one day xinxin chated with me about it. It was a brilliant idea to me. So I made my first list and put it in my wallet. Some wishes are about having different ability to do some new things. Some wishes are about having a wonder family.

The following are something I try to recall from my first list:

  • be able to speak a lot of languages
  • travel the world with my love
  • learn to swin
  • learn to play an instrument
  • be healthy
  • be good at a sport
  • have a family with my lover
  • have 2 lovely kids
  • live by the water (sea or river)
  • have a wonderful house
  • buy a house for my parents
  • wish the ones I love are healthy and happy
  • find a job I like and enjoy
  • can often go to the beach with my lover
  • financially sufficient

*by lover, it is someone I love and loves me

With time flying by, some of the wishes don’t apply now. However, I still long for the same thing – talent, gifts, health, and being happy.

It was last summer (2004 – after obtaining my master degree) when I accomplished one of my wish – learn to swim. It was then I realized unless I take aciton, all my wishes will never come ture.

It was in the 2004 spring when I was struggling whehter I should go for a PhD program or not, I made the wish list that I want to achieve before I get 30. When I looked at that list, I understand I wouldn’t be able to achieve most of them if I go for PhD. It makes me realize that I want to do something different. And the list was very different from my frist list.

The list contains:

  • travel in Europe (see more cultural and interesting things)
  • Have a 2-door sporty convertable car (Mazeda Miata/ BMW Z4)
  • Road Trip in Amrerica
  • Learn another language (Spanish/French)
  • Speak well in English, reduce the accent, & be come very fluent in any situation
  • Learn to play a music instrument (piano/guitar/drum)
  • learn dancing
  • get a job that I like and can support myself and my family
  • Know/learn to swim

For this second list, actually most of the items are very practicle and achievable as long as I invest my time and energy. But how much time and energy do I have? In my first list (made by when I was 18 or 19), I wish I would have a happy family with two children (by 30?). 4 years away from 30, I no longer wish for kids – my life is so instable to have too much responsibility. The stable happy family image is not longer ture and I learn to be realistic.

With time flying by, I might change my list constantly. I need to figure out what is important to me and what I would like to acheive most.



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