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cute doggy piggy bank August 14, 2005

Posted by MM in Geye.

First time I saw this cute doggy piggy bank in a friend’s house. Tapas,Livinggear和Timestone系列家居精品,是香港Gear Atelier公司旗下的三个品牌,荣获无数设计奖项,其作品曾被法国卢浮宫博物馆、纽约现代艺术博物馆及日本大阪Suntory博物馆展示和收藏。

I tried to track down the official site. Grea Atelier leads me to http://www.longford.com.hk/ However, it doesn’t have any photo of their products. I tried Tapas, Livinggear and Timestone and it leads me to http://www.livinggear.com/default.htm but it is the same as the first one. I was a little disappointed. I want an official website that has good photos and descriptions of those adorable products!

Then I tried to track down the designers’ portfolio but failed again. From the 布布 shop, I know that the top designers for Grea Atelier are 陈瑞麟 and 黄美瑜。I checked but only get to this website to talk about some Hong Kong designers ( http://hkdesign.tdctrade.com/chi/designer.asp?Page=2#Des33 ).



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