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Tango class in the South Bay December 22, 2005

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Bay Area Tango Association (http://www.batango.com/)




South Lake Tahoe Lodges December 22, 2005

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ince we go to Heavenly, some good places to consider in South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Beach and Ski Clubs
Jet Tubs in all units except Studios
It is about $155/night at the ski season

Avalon Lodge
Some rooms with private hot tub
Their online reservation link is not listed correctly – need to manually delete the ‘ at the end of the url in order to book online
It is cheaper to book on their own website than from expedia

Forest Suites Resort
Steps from the Gondola at Heavenly
Pros: Last time we booked a regular room about $99 and got upgraded to a suite for free. The suite is pretty nice.  It is very close to Heavenly. So no need to pay for parking at Heavenly staying there.
Cons:  Bad service when I couldn’t connenct our mac to the internet though. And the bed – gush, it killed my back the first night.
Lessons: it is really dry staying inside the hotel, should’ve brought the humidifier

Heavenly’s website has some other suggestions:

SF Dance Performances December 21, 2005

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YEAH! Many dance company performances! At first I thought SF won’t be an art/entertainment center like LA. But I might be wrong! There are several performance centers that have a lot of good shows and performances:

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA)
Very close to where I work in downtown SF.

San Francisco Performances
They organize good shows and productions and some of them perform in YBCA. I subscribed to the Dance Series and will update the show’s information. The first time being a subscriber, I feel happy for the seat is pretty good.

Stanford Lively Arts
They have good performances too!

SF Dance Class December 21, 2005

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I still miss the classes in Edge Performances in LA. Still haven’t got a chance to check out SF’s classes yet. Did my homework already:

San Francisco Dance Center

Rhythm & Motion Dance Center

ODC School (a little far)

Shan-Yee Poon School (too far)

San Jose Dance Center

San Francisco December 15, 2005

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It is the most beautiful city in USA? Well, San Diego is still my No. 1 so far. Probably it is because even though staying here for more than a month, I still hardly get any chance to do any sight seeing around. I am not saying I don’t like SF. I totally enjoy working in a metro city’s downtown (or busy area). After all I am a metropolitan girl/woman. However, since it is a historic city, the downtown area does look dirty somehow.

The air is much cleaner compared with LA… Gush, LA? Not even in top ten. But the food in LA is good… I bet the bays look pretty. So I might change my mind in the future. However, it is cold… so darn cold compared with the sunny southern California. I was so spoiled by the weather in S. Cal already. It is so hard to get used to the cold. My hands and ears go numb when I walk in the morning… Chilly winds too. Although it is not as dry as the S. Cal., it is pretty dry inside the rooms for the heaters. Therefore, humidifiers are necessary. 😛

Ways to piss JP off December 13, 2005

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sing the song of “Smurf”

repeat the words that he just said (to maximize the pissing off effects, try to use the same facial expression and tones as he did)

repeat murmuring something monotonely in low voice

when he wants your input, give him silience as feedback

keep whining about something, then when he gives suggestion, whine about the suggestion

keep singing/saying  the line of “black machine is a sex machine”

SF Eating December 5, 2005

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Here is the address for the Chinese restaurant.

Szechuan Taste (Cherng Gong, in chinese)

917 Taraval Street
San Francisco

Order the $28 package (good for 3)

Sweet and Sour Pork
Fried Fish (long lay)

or the $48 package (they say good for 8, but easily feeds 10.)

You can just use mapquest for the directions. Not a fancy place, but very good cheap food and fresh seafood.