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Ladies and gentlemen, this is Titus and Siena. October 29, 2006

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Today we have two new members in our family, Titus and Siena. This addition to our family is even more important to J.P., because they are the first mammalian pets he has ever had in his life.

Titus and Siena lived in Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary since they were about three months old. Before that, they were two of twenties kittens living on the street at Betlin Ave., a Cupertino neighborhood.

This is their first day at new home. They have been hiding behind the couch ever since they arrived. So we can’t take pictures of them. For now, we only have two pictures of them taken by their foster owner. We will post more soon.

Curious Titus.

Curious Titus



Shy girl Siena’s ID picture. 🙂


Taking a sick day is good, as long as I’m not too sick. October 23, 2006

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Got a really bad cold over the weekend. So I figured that I should give myself a break. Now sitting in backyard, sipping a cup of coffee, while basking in the sun, oh, life is good.Tomorrow I will go back to the office, spending the daylight in a windowless room. Sigh…