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A math fiction, short, interesting and refreshing. November 4, 2006

Posted by J.P. in Monkey thought.

“… I came increasingly to view the great practitioners of the Queen of Sciences as moths drawn towards an inhuman kind of light, brilliant but scorching and harsh. Some couldn’t stand it for long, like Pascal and Newton, who abandoned mathematics for theology. Others had chosen haphazard, improvised ways out – Evariste Galois’ mindless daring that led to his untimely death comes immediately to mind. Finally, some extraordinary minds had given way and broken down. Georg Cantor, the father of the Theory of Sets, led the latter part of his life in a lunatic asylum. Ramanujan, Hardy, Turing, Gödel and so many more were too enamored of the brilliant light; they got too close, scorched their wings, fell and died. …”

“Uncle Pretros & Goldbach’s Conjecture”, the story about a fictional mathematician’s obsession to the 264-year old Goldbach’s Conjecture, and his life-long pursuit of the absolute truth, the mathematical truth.

Although the main characters are fictional, the story interwinds with true mathematical history, which makes it a charming and informative reading.



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