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Day 18 post PRK, slowly it does seem get better. January 30, 2007

Posted by J.P. in Monkey thought.

For the last several days, my right eye’s vision had significant improve. For the most part of today, I can use my right eye to use computer without zooming.

As of the left eye, the ghosting images still bother me. There seems be at least two ghosting images, one to the left and quite apart from the primary image, another to the top and mostly overlapping with the primary image. The one to the left bothers me most, because it makes reading a line of smaller text impossible. Besides that, I wonder if the ghosting images confuse my eye muscle. My left eye seems having a hard time deciding which image to focus on.

I have been praying hoping the ghosting images are caused by the roughness of epithelium, not by some refractive error induced by the sugery. To my suprise, an hour ago, after I closed my eyes for a while, the ghosting image on the left got a lot fainter. And my binocular vision seems a little better now. The ghosting image on the top is still there, but less annoying. I hope this improvement stay and keep going.

Good luck to myself.



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