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We have a new iMac!! September 19, 2007

Posted by MM in Geye.
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Yeah! It is 24″ and it takes more than 2/3 space on our desk!! Stupid Ti likes it too. Weird J of course likes it! Alright, weird J said it is not 2/3, horizontly it takes 2/3 but the depth is very slim.
At any rate, we love our new iMac! The wireless keyboard is extremely cute.


Ji Mi’s Cartoon September 8, 2005

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Beyeah loves Jimi’s cartoon. I was first introduced to some of his drawings when I wnet back home for Christmas in 2003. Since he was a big hit already at that time, a lot of his cartoons were made as Calendar’s backgrounds. (I really wonder whether all those companies paid for the copyright to use his drawings).

His official website is www.jimmyspa.com . His drawing is actually a little bit westenized, at least the ones I have seen. Most of his cartoon stories imply wise theory.

cute doggy piggy bank August 14, 2005

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First time I saw this cute doggy piggy bank in a friend’s house. Tapas,Livinggear和Timestone系列家居精品,是香港Gear Atelier公司旗下的三个品牌,荣获无数设计奖项,其作品曾被法国卢浮宫博物馆、纽约现代艺术博物馆及日本大阪Suntory博物馆展示和收藏。

I tried to track down the official site. Grea Atelier leads me to http://www.longford.com.hk/ However, it doesn’t have any photo of their products. I tried Tapas, Livinggear and Timestone and it leads me to http://www.livinggear.com/default.htm but it is the same as the first one. I was a little disappointed. I want an official website that has good photos and descriptions of those adorable products!

Then I tried to track down the designers’ portfolio but failed again. From the 布布 shop, I know that the top designers for Grea Atelier are 陈瑞麟 and 黄美瑜。I checked but only get to this website to talk about some Hong Kong designers ( http://hkdesign.tdctrade.com/chi/designer.asp?Page=2#Des33 ).

What is GEYE? June 3, 2005

Posted by MM in Geye.
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What is GEYE?

Actually GEYE was from tt, he named all those girly stuffs I have as “geye.” It is a nice cute name. And when I constanly look at this sort of things, I would like to organize them in a place (well, I admit sometimes I am a bit organizing freak). 😛

Cute Monkey
The three wise monkey by room interior products (sadly, this company’s url no longer works)
See the three cute monkey below:


Hear no evil – Speak no evil – See no evil
Besides they are very soft stuffed animals, they have magnate in their hands, so it is cute to position them in different post.
In the USA, you can buy them at http://www.usillygoose.com/thwimo.html Swingermonkey

or there is a shop in Japan (not sure) even have the larger monkey, which is called swinger monkey. It not only wears a bright yellow sweat t-shirt, but also have magnate in both his/her hands and feet. Therefore, you can position it in more different most – Use your imagination!!http://www.entrex.co.jp/roominterior/room_ca/novelty.html

Cute Robots
Monkeybrick_1KidrobotPlease be selective with the above website, I don’t like some of their products – too ugly or too violent. However, I do like the creativity or imagination the artist have onDiy_monkey_8_inch_qee those toy robots. Be@rbrick series are one of my favarite (monkey and bear). I especially love the idea that you can buy a white/plain one (the DIY Monkey/Bear *8 inch Qee) and use your own creativity to paint it over.