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Democracy doesn’t come by edict. October 16, 2007

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“Democracy doesn’t come by edict, but by institutions and mechanisms that ensure politicians must compete for the trust of voters.” 
— Dr. Roger B. Myerson, 2007 Nobel laureate in economics 


We have a new iMac!! September 19, 2007

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Yeah! It is 24″ and it takes more than 2/3 space on our desk!! Stupid Ti likes it too. Weird J of course likes it! Alright, weird J said it is not 2/3, horizontly it takes 2/3 but the depth is very slim.
At any rate, we love our new iMac! The wireless keyboard is extremely cute.

YAG – Yet another geocoder. June 1, 2007

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YAG screen shot

Just make this simple online geocoder to test some ideas about my photo geocoding work flow. Click on the map, it will tells you the latitude and longitude of the point where you click.

As you can imagine, it is based on google map API. And I also borrowed Andre Lewis’ drag-to-zoom control.

Day 18 post PRK, slowly it does seem get better. January 30, 2007

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For the last several days, my right eye’s vision had significant improve. For the most part of today, I can use my right eye to use computer without zooming.

As of the left eye, the ghosting images still bother me. There seems be at least two ghosting images, one to the left and quite apart from the primary image, another to the top and mostly overlapping with the primary image. The one to the left bothers me most, because it makes reading a line of smaller text impossible. Besides that, I wonder if the ghosting images confuse my eye muscle. My left eye seems having a hard time deciding which image to focus on.

I have been praying hoping the ghosting images are caused by the roughness of epithelium, not by some refractive error induced by the sugery. To my suprise, an hour ago, after I closed my eyes for a while, the ghosting image on the left got a lot fainter. And my binocular vision seems a little better now. The ghosting image on the top is still there, but less annoying. I hope this improvement stay and keep going.

Good luck to myself.

Day 10 after PRK, patient, patient … January 22, 2007

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It has been 10 days since my PRK surgery on Jan. 12th. I guess I am one more person who is misled by , who believes he or she can really return to “normal” activities in days. Compared to my -7.5 nearsightness, my vision is improved. Without glasses, I can use computer if I squint my eyes, I can drive if I don’t need to read signs. But it is definitely not where I have expected my vision to be.

In the last a couple of days, I have read dozens of articles online to try to find out if my current situation is normal. Luckily, there have been many people who had false hope on fast recovery as I do now. It seems achieving reasonabley good vision at as late as 1 to 2 months is normal.

So the only thing I can do now is to wait. I hope the situation will be much improved by my next check up, which is scheduled on Feb. 19th.

Good luck to myself, and all the PRK patients out there. Tomorrow will be clearer.

A stylish promotion for ABC’s “Lost”. January 8, 2007

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Someone said that it’s shown by Channel 4 in UK.

Hawaii Trip (12/23-12/31/2006) January 2, 2007

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Park at Bart and go to each airport individually (poor us)
Taking off from Bay Area to Honolulu
11:20pm arrived at Marianne’ B&B

checked out Kailua Beach and ate breakfast at Kalapawai Market (306 S Kalaheo Ave, Kailua, HI 96734) and bought carry-out lunch
Kayaked to Moku Islands (stopped by Popoia Island first) – We saw a turtle closely and we both swam in the sea! (M’s first time swimming in the sea in 6 years!)
Then we kayaked to Lanikai beach to eat our sandwiches – boy, I fall in love with Lanikai beach. I dream that I could own a house and live there.
In the afternoon, we drove to Sarento’s top of I’s in Waikiki area for X’mas eve dinner.
The view was really awesome and it was romantic. However I felt bad that J’s pork is like Chinese BBQ pork. So the food is only so so. We tried Mai Tai and really liked this local cocktail.

We woke up really early, driving along the coast to the famous Hanauma Bay for snorkeling only to find out that it was closed on 12/25! Darn! Bloody ~~! J was so disappointed and pissed and upset that we almost tried to break in.
Then we went to Waikiki and tried to find a decent snorkeling place there. Unfortunately, J was not fond of the world famous Waikiki beach at all – full of tourists and weirdos (note: we don’t mind weirdos for we are two of them). But J said that if we like shoulder rubbing, we’d have gong back to China. Waikiki is just like Vegas with beaches instead of casinos. The beaches are not impressing either – somewhat polluted and the sand quality is just so so – remember, by then we were used to the wonderful tranquil white-sand beach in the east side. It just dawned on me that since J disliked it so much we didn’t even bother to take a photo there. We should’ve done that to show the comparison between Waikiki and wonderful windward side.
Anyway, we went back to Kailua beach and got bagel breakfast at Kalapawai Market. Then we went to snorkel at Lanikai beach. It was awesome! REALLY FANTASTIC! At the first try, I didn’t like it. I couldn’t walk in those stupid fins and wasn’t used to breathing through my mouth and closing my mouth around the tube. I drank a little sea salty bitter water and backed up on the beach for sun bathing. J was having fun and came back half an hour later and persuaded me trying again. I got rid of the fins and had a blast! Those fishes are amazing!
When we were both tired and hungry, we ordered sushi from Kozo Sushi (at windward city shopping center) and ate at our B&B backyard – it was cheap (Unagi 6 pieces for $4.80) and delicious! (Genki Sushi in Waikiki is supposed to be good too)
We drove to Waikiki in the evening hoping the Rainbow drive-in or Lernord’s Bakery (try Malasada, the portugese donut at 933 Kapahulu Ave., Honolulu, HI 96816) would open but ended up trying loco moco and teri chicken at Zippy’s. It is not bad but J is not very fond of the greasiness of the food.
Now it is the time to talk about the food. It is really a pity that during X’mas, the two famous Hawaiian food places were both closed. We didn’t get a chance to try it. I did some research before our trip and came across an article online that talks about food in Oahu. So next time I would like to try
Ono Hawaiian Foods (726 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816) (808) 737-2275
Helena’s Hawaiian Food (1240 North School Street Telephone: 808.845.8044)
Halekulani buffet (at Orchid)
Fukuya Deli – it is the Okazuya style for take out
(Note: for all the local stores, they usually open very early and close very early, like 2pm or 4pm.)

A full day event at Polynesian Cultural Center. Since they only open at 11, we wondered around on North side, going one beach after another. We really learned a lot at the Polynesian center. It is also nice that they partly sponsored those students from different islands. Here is a list of our cultural encounters:
Samoan – coconut tree climbing, lighting fires, fire knife dancing

What’s with the keyboard, Titus? November 14, 2006

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Titus has developed an obsession to my laptop. The second I open up my laptop, he will jump on to the desk, sit on the keyboard and rub his head on the computer. I have to shut the door if I want to get any work done. I am not sure what makes the laptop so interesting to him. Is it because the flashing display? The beeping when he holds down a key? The warmer temperature? Or, the most possibly, just pissing me off? What makes it even more absurd is that he is not interested in a closed laptop at all.

Crazy Russian kids. Reminds me Jacky Chen movies. November 11, 2006

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A math fiction, short, interesting and refreshing. November 4, 2006

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“… I came increasingly to view the great practitioners of the Queen of Sciences as moths drawn towards an inhuman kind of light, brilliant but scorching and harsh. Some couldn’t stand it for long, like Pascal and Newton, who abandoned mathematics for theology. Others had chosen haphazard, improvised ways out – Evariste Galois’ mindless daring that led to his untimely death comes immediately to mind. Finally, some extraordinary minds had given way and broken down. Georg Cantor, the father of the Theory of Sets, led the latter part of his life in a lunatic asylum. Ramanujan, Hardy, Turing, Gödel and so many more were too enamored of the brilliant light; they got too close, scorched their wings, fell and died. …”

“Uncle Pretros & Goldbach’s Conjecture”, the story about a fictional mathematician’s obsession to the 264-year old Goldbach’s Conjecture, and his life-long pursuit of the absolute truth, the mathematical truth.

Although the main characters are fictional, the story interwinds with true mathematical history, which makes it a charming and informative reading.